Did you know that you can receive crystal clear Digital HDTV and Standard definition channels absolutely Free? Why pay your cable or satellite provider outrageous monthly fees for something you can get absolutely FREE? If you own a new LCD or plasma manufactured in the last two years your television probably has an ATSC tuner built in. If it does all you need is an off-air-antenna. Older TV's analog TV's require external Digital to analog converter box in order to view Free over-the-air Digital TV broadcasts.

In the late summer of 2009 all American over-the-air analog broadcasts will cease to work. All broadcasts will be broadcast digitally instead of the traditional analog signals available for decades. This transition does not affect cable TV subscribers or satellite subscribers. The transition from analog to digital only affects people who are receiving television programming via an off-air-antenna. The ATSC tuner below will allow you to continue watching over-the-air broadcasts. The best part about this transition is that you will see a dramatic improvement in picture quality and sound along with additional channels previously available before. A great website to see whets available in your area before jumping into the over-the-air revolution is www.zap2it.com . We hope regardless if you purchase an ATSC tuner from us or not that you join our forum and share your results and experience with our community. Firsthand experience is always best! See you in the forums.

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