The lyriQ Single Source, 4-Zone Kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for whole house audio. Homeowners can enjoy the main music source in four rooms, or choose to listen to a local source in only one room. Its Cat 5 backbone allows whole house commands and passes Infrared remote control signals for easy sound management

Includes everything you need to install a single source, four-zone audio system.

Presented in the all new Studio Design that complements the look of any home.

Universal remote control provides whole house control with the push of a button.

Kit Contains:
4 lyriQ Keypads with Studio Plates, 1 lyriQ Local Source Input with Studio Plate, 1 lyriQ Flush Mount Single Source Input, 1 lyriQ Single Source, Four-Zone Distribution Module, 1 Universal Remote, 1 Dual IR Emitter, 1 Power Supply, 1 Single-Gang Studio Wall Plate

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