PCT’s 1 GHz multimedia drop amplifiers provide ultra-low noise amplification of broadband signals for subscriber drop installations. Within broadband networks, changes in signal level resulting from growing installations of new subscriber services, including the deployment of digital set-top boxes and cable modems
PCT Multimedia 4-Way Drop Ampifier
The EDA-2400 provides you with the means to connect 4 devices without having to use any splitters. The EDA-2400 drop amplifier boosts the incoming signal by more than five times and at the same time splits the signal four ways.
4-Way Electroline Hi-End Drop Ampifier
Excellent solution for a home with up to 8 TVs with +3 dB of amplification per port
Best choice if you have cable Internet service - Bi-directional, plus the Active Return feature maintains your cable modem’s original return signal level.
8-Way Electroline Hi-End Drop Ampifier

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