A true work of art The KHT3005SE is an extremely high performance, yet room-friendly home theatre system, which raise both the design and performance benchmarks in the category of elegant home theatre speaker packages.

Their specially shaped curved aluminium enclosures make for an acoustically ideal housing, and KEF's Uni-Q technology disperses sound around the room so well that you can 'sit anywhere' to enjoy the optimum surround experience.

KEF's radical new 'sealed suspension technology' incorporated in the speaker driver makes for a cleaner, smoother response. The satellites can play astonishingly loud, without sounding unpleasant. The distinctive ribs visible on the speaker cone improve rigidity making for a cleaner, more natural and dynamic sound.

Carrying up to 60% of the sound, the centre channel is vital in any home theatre system, and the dedicated centre speaker is in a class of its own providing an amazingly clear dialogue in perfect timbre with the satellite speakers.
The KEF KHT3005SE is complimented by the new, upgraded HTB2 subwoofer. The long throw 10 inch bass driver is driven by a highly efficient 250W class D amplifier, and is helped by a 10" passive radiator, ensuring that the surprisingly small enclosure reaches down to the lower frequencies to give astonishingly deep bass allowing it to deliver both awesome movie effects and yet be musically subtle.

The Kef HTB2 can be very flexible when it comes to in room positioning. Depending on your space requirement or your visual preference it can be left vertical or laid out horizontally. It's unique design is acoustically inert which means that there'll be no nasty buzzes or rattles when driven hard.
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