Dish Pole Side Xtender

This antenna mount attaches your over the air HD antenna to your existing DBS dish system mount as seen above. Its perfect for high chimny installations and allows you to have both your satellite and antenna in one conveniant place. Please note that this antenna mount is not recommended when the satellite dish is mounted to a wall as the wall behind the dish will inhibit the proper installation of the of your HD antenna .  

18" J-Pole Mount For Small HD Antenna

The J pole pipe mount is designed for easy installation of smaller over the air HD antennas. The mounting foot swivels and can be used on either end of the pipe to accomodate any angle.

J-Pole Mount For Small 18" Satellite Dishes & HD Antennas

This tripod is perfect for ground and flat roof instalations. The tripod pole is compatible with most satellite systems such as Directv Dishnetwork Bell as well as most 33" and 39" dishes. This tripod is also sutible for over the air HDTV antenna installations. Easy to install desighn allows chest-high aiming and is desighned to give you a lifetime of truble free service.

Satellite & HD AntennaTripod Mount

J-Pole Mount For Small 18" Satellite Dishes & HD Antennas

This J pole pipe mount is the same type of mount used by small 18" satellite dishes. This mount can be used  for small satellite dishes as well as small off-air HD antennas. The mounting foot swivels to accomodate any angle.





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